May we walk a little lighter on this earth by releasing our heavy burdens

Mindfulness Meditation

Helps to bring balance & focus in one’s life by learning techniques to reduce stress, relax the body and be present in the moment. This allows individuals to become more intune with their mind and body. Experience mindfulness meditation with step by step instruction. Email for an appointment.

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Energy Healing

Benefits of Therapeutic Touch and Reiki used as a preventative method to release stress and tension in the body and balance one’s energy at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Personal Reiki Treatments with assessment. Email for an appointment.

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Reiki Training

Reiki Level I Training

Learn about Reiki and how it works, history and basic understanding of the energy system. Instructions on self healing and others. One day intensive training with manuals & certificate. Email to register

Reiki Level II Training

Learn 3 Usui Reiki Symbols, distance healing, scanning and beaming.  Professional practice and much more. Two days of intensive training with manuals & certificate.  Prerequisite Reiki I. Email to register

Reiki Level III Advance Training

Learn Usui Master Symbol, aura clearing and meditations. Reiki crystal grid and preparation for Reiki Master Training and much more. One day intensive training with manuals & certificate.  Prerequisite Reiki I & II. Email to register

Reiki Master Training

Learn 2 Tibetan Symbols and the responsibilities of a Reiki Master. Perform Reiki attunements for all levels and much more. Three days intensive training with Manuals & certificate. Prerequisite Reiki I, II and III Advance Training. Email to register

*Classes are available dependent on number of participants

Crystal Healing Training

This course is geared for Healing Practitioners who are interested in bring Crystals into their sessions for an energized healing. You will learn the properties of Crystals, Chakras and Crystals and Crystal grid formations and much more. This one day intensive training comes with Manuals. Prerequisite Reiki I and II. Email to register

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