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This series of meditations was created to help guide students in their daily practice. If this is your first time or you have meditated before, this will give you a good foundation.

It is important to have a basic structure before you start meditating. A good posture is the key to your concentration. If you sit on a chair or on the floor, make sure you are sitting comfortably.

Practice the POSTURE MEDITATION to train your spine to be alert and upright and you will find that your posture will change.

Once the spine is alert and upright you can bring your awareness to the breath at the abdomen, 2 inches above the belly button.

The BREATH MEDITATION helps you to focus on a large area making it easier to come back to if your mind wonders. It is a natural way to calm and relax the body.

After sitting for a few minutes you will find that your mind can become very active. Thoughts or images may arise.

By OBSERVING THE MIND you will find that the thoughts or images will eventually subside and you participate less in these activities of the mind. Your mind becomes quiet.

You may also notice that pain or tension may arise in the body; it can become stronger or subside.

By OBSERVING BODY SENSATIONS you will come to know the changing nature of any pain or tension by looking at it more closely. By labeling the sensation you become less reactive to the pain, giving you clarity of your body sensations.

The last meditation is putting it all together, posture, breath, mind and body.

MIND AND BODY AWARENESS guides you through the active states and the restful states that arises and subsides when you sit. I hope this will be helpful to you in understanding your own mind and body.



Custom made Meditation mats, buckwheat filled meditation cushions  and meditation benches made with your individual style in mind.  Comes is different sizes and variety, style for adults and children.  Cost varies due to size and material.



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